In addition to Home Inspections, French Creek provides "one stop shopping" for Pre-Listing, Maintenance, and Termite Inspections as well as Radon Testing.

Pre-listing inspections are a wise move. Rather than deal with necessary repairs during the stressful selling process, you can have your home inspected prior to listing. By taking your time addressing these issues you can save thousands in last minute repair costs or sale concessions. You can make the repairs yourself or, at the very least, shop around for the most cost effective alternative.

Annual Maintenance inspections are for those who aren't comfortable with home maintenance and desire a "once over" by a qualified professional. Click here for more information.

Radon is a naturally occurring, colorless and odorless, gas that seeps out of the ground. The EPA considers accumulation of this gas in a home a significant health concern.  Radon tests are non-invasive and require only 48 hours to complete.  French Creek is qualified to perform Radon testing but, depending on demand, will sometimes subcontract with another qualified provider.

Termites and other pests can be a significant threat to your home and in North Carolina, termite inspections fall under a different license. To minimize disruption, French Creek will coordinate a termite inspection with a certified specialist. For more information, check out A Homebuyer's Guide for the
Wood-Destroying Insect Report
, published by the NC Department of Agriculture.

Detached Buildings that are not a part of the main structure can be inspected for an additional fee. For example, a detached garage (meaning one that is not entered directly from the interior of the home) would normally not be included with an inspection of the home. If the property includes additional structures that you would like inspected, please describe each of them in the additional information field of the inspection request form.

Previously inspected properties can be re-inspected to verify that a repair has been made. Keep in mind that an inspector can only report on what is readily apparent.  It may not be possible to determine if the repair was performed according to best practices or if additional defects were discovered during the repair.  Always request that the Seller disclose who (a professional?) performed the repair, how the repair was made and if any additional issues or defects were discovered. Pricing varies depending on the number and type of items re-inspected.