If you're not comfortable with home maintenance,
let a qualified professional keep an eye on things!

Call today to Schedule a Home Maintenance Inspection. 919-271-3340

Service Plans

Annual Inspection & Report                $350 (up to 4,500 sq. ft.)

After your first inspection, I'll return every 15 months to keep tabs on your home. Based on what I find, we'll prepare a a 3-year plan for maintenance and repair. There are no guarantees, but this should limit home maintenance surprises and hopefully catch the small problems before they become big ones.

Why 15? Returning every 15 months allows me to observe your home through various seasons.

Plan subscribers also have email/text access throughout the year if questions arise.

Contract Management                         $100

If an inspection reveals minor issues (less than $10K) that are not structural, I can solicit quotes on your behalf from multiple contractors. This service is not available for clients under contract to buy or sell a home. 

Project Management                            Quote

If you want, I'll also coordinate and manage the work of your contractor(s). In case you're wondering, I'm prohibited by industry regulations from ever accepting consideration (payment in any form) from someone contracted to work on your home.